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Homeowner’s Insurance


If you are like most homeowners, your home is your biggest investment. You want to be certain that you have proper protection for your investment.  A customized policy from Brown and Weber will keep your home and family covered if a loss should occur.

Understanding what to include in your policy is key before you purchase your policy.  Review some our tips from Brown and Weber, and contact us at Brown and Weber to decide on the best coverage for your home.

Structural Coverage

All insurance policies offer primary structural coverage for the dwelling itself, and also includes other structures associated with the property, for example, a fence or garage. Replacement coverage will actually insure that you are covered for the total expense of rebuilding the home, and not the cost of the structure as it is presently.

Personal Property Insurance

All policies also include coverage for personal belongings, which is also called content coverage. Each policy provides for a different sum. In addition, there are also riders for additional coverage for special possessions, for instance, jewelry, art or antiques.

Added Protection

Lastly, your policy will include some quantity of coverage for the following:

•    Temporary living costs if you are not able to reside in your home for any amount of time which is a result of a loss that is covered in your policy.
•    Liability coverage if there is a lawsuit involved.
•    Medical coverage in a situation where someone is hurt on your property and medical care is necessary.

Every policy is unique. Allow Brown and Weber offer a quote for home insurance coverage that is best for you. We will discuss each option so you are able make an educated decision about your policy.

Renters Insurance

Due to the elevated costs of owning a home, there are more renters currently than ever before. As part of creating a renters package intended to meet the tenants’ needs we have completed vast research regarding what renters want and the renters insurance they need.

As part of developing the first renters insurance program designed around the needs of tenants, we’ve done extensive research into what renters need and want out of their renters insurance. Effective coverage is built to stay within affordable prices.

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