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Farm Insurance for Your Wisconsin Farm


We are a team of independent, committed farm insurance agents who are very familiar with farming in Wisconsin. We recognize rural values and serving the community. Your farm is your means of support and you put in all your effort into it each day to succeed. We want to help your agricultural business flourish.

We provide a wide range of Wisconsin farm insurance plans to support the protection of your farm. We will tailor a Wisconsin farm insurance policy that is effective and the best value for you. Of course, not every farm is the identical, so our agents will take time with you to review your operation and your specific needs.

Standard Wisconsin Farm Insurance Policy Coverage:

• Crops
• Structures and Buildings
• Farm Animals
• Equipment
• Refrigerated Goods
• Debris Removal

Reliable Protection

At Brown and Weber Insurance Services LLC, we understand how critical protecting your livelihood is. We aim to form healthier communities and we focus on your success. When you reach out to one of our agents, you are preparing for a long-standing relationship. Contact us today for a free quote at 920-563-5850.

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